Prepaid Appointment System

No, you can only pay in cash at Kosmos counters.

Yes, you can receive a refund once by notifying at least 72 hours before the appointment time. The deposit paid for appointments canceled less than 72 hours before the appointment date will not be refunded and a new appointment will be required.

Yes, advance payment is required for all members of the family who will apply.

About Documents

For business travels, it is preferred that the invitation be taken from

No, the applications are not accepted via courier service. Your application can be submitted by making an appointment. Your application and documents can be submitted on the date of your appointment.

If your  Turkish  driving license issued   after 01.01.2016, you do not  need to have an international driving licence. 

Your travel health insurance should cover your trip. Having a long period of travel insurance would not mean of obtaining longer term of visa nor means of providing convenience on obtaining visa.

For your family and friend visits, the person who invites you can obtain your QR code invitation via

It is not possible to make an appointment without filling out the application form. You must first fill out the application form. The validity of the application form is 3 months.

If available, the resignation statement and salary slip of the old company can be attached.

After completing the membership process to, you can complete your invitation creation process.

Green insurance for the vehicles is not mandatory when applying. It can also be done before travel after the visa process is completed.

If it cannot be provided, it is not a mandatory document.

The family members listed in the document obtained with the 'Personality Family' option in the population registration sample obtained from the e-government are sufficient for your application.

You must obtain a power of attorney from the vehicle owner (for the last 5 years). If traveling with the vehicle license holder, a photocopy of the vehicle owner's visa must be attached to the documents.

The guarantee limit is at least 30,000 Euros, covering your travel and valid in Schengen countries, must be on letterhead with a wet signature, stamp or QR code. Only insurance with euro coverage can be accepted.

You can access all required documents from the "General Documents" section under the "Make an application" tab on our official website.

Dormitory entry and exit documents can be obtained from e-devlet or the police station, and protocol documents can be obtained from e-devlet.

It can be offered if the PNR code and price are specified.


It is a simple and discreet procedure of taking your finger print and a digital photograph at the time of submitting your visa application.

Foreign nationals from outside the European Economic Area visiting the Schengen countries

Providing biometrics helps to protect the identities of genuine applicants. It is easier for individuals to prove their identity and their travel status. It helps the Schengen countries tackle immigration abuse and identity fraud.


You will be able to enrol your biometric information at the Visa Application Center after you submit your application. For further information you can call our Call Centre on +90 850 474 2021.

After you submit your application, your digital photo will be taken and then your fingerprints will be taken. – No ink is used. We are aware of the need to protect your data and to provide privacy biometrics will be taken in biometrics booths.

The biometric enrolment process takes about 10 minutes. There may be a short wait while we check your data.

If you or any dependents who are applying with you have a medical or physical condition which may require special arrangements to be made in order for your biometric features to be recorded, you must obtain a letter or other document giving the details of any such condition and enclose it with your application. Appropriate documentary evidence would be a letter from a treating clinic, such as a practicing doctor registered with the General Medical Council, giving details of the condition and/or special needs and explaining any arrangements that may be necessary.


If an applicant fails to make arrangements to provide their biometrics their application will be rejected.



No, children between the ages of 12-18 can provide fingerprints at the visa application center together with a parent or legal guardian.

This is to verify that an individual making an application is the same person who applied for the visa overseas and who came through the border.

Digital fingerprints given to the competent Turkish authorities for passport procedures or other than Schengen countries are invalid for visa procedures.


If your visa is rejected, you must provide fingerprints again.


Before - After Application

Check that your passport is ready on the application tracking page. If your passport is ready for delivery, you must receive it as soon as possible.

If you have submitted fingerprints (VIS) to any Schengen country within the last 59 months, you are not required to apply in person (Applicants may be called to our office for fingerprints when deemed necessary).

If your application will be made by anpther person (including family members), your notarized authorization letter along with a photocopy of this person's ID must be submitted during the application.

No. You need to present your passport during the visa application so that all documents can be sent to the Consulate General.

Within the last 59 months, if you have provided fingerprints (VIS) to any Schengen country, it is not obligatory for you to apply in person (applicants may be called to our office for fingerprinting if deemed necessary).

If someone else, including family members, will be submitting your application, a notarized authorization letter along with a photocopy of their ID must be presented during the application process.

Within the last 59 months, if you have provided fingerprints (VIS) to any Schengen country, it is not obligatory for you to apply in person (applicants may be called to our office for fingerprinting if deemed necessary).

If someone else, including family members, will be submitting your application, a notarized authorization letter along with a photocopy of their ID must be presented during the application process.

Persons with a surname change due to Marriage or Divorce can apply with a new identity card and passport with the old surname, provided that they submit the relevant documents proving the surname change.

For Edirne region applications, if the person's marital status has changed, the passport is not up to date according to the current situation, and if it is not up to date, the passport must be changed.

We have insurance service at all visa application centers.

We have a photography service at our Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Edirne and Bodrum Visa Application Centers.

VIP Service does not speed up the application process. For details, visit the additional services page.

You can collect your passport personally or by a person with the same surname as you, whom you specified during the application, or you can benefit from our courier service. If someone other than the person whose name is written on the delivery form will receive your passport, a notarized power of attorney must be submitted. You can visit our contact page for delivery times.

We recommend that you apply at least 15 days prior to your travel start date. There is no guarantee for passport delivery time for applications made closer to your trip.

Visa applications can be made up to 6 months prior to the planned travel date. For example, if your planned travel date is July 1, your visa application date cannot be before January 1.

Visa applicants under the age of 18 can apply together with their parent/legal guardian. If traveling alone, a notarized document is required. For detailed information, visit the documentation page.

Foreign nationals must prove that they have residence permit in Turkey. The Consulate General of Greece, Visa Department  assess the visa applications on the  base of  the social and economic situation of the applicant. For this reason, the applicant are required to present  their personal documentation. Students whom are in Turkey on a temporary basis to  study  are required documents of their parents.  Notarised translation of the documents are required. (Translation can be in English or Greek)  The applicants whom were born in a country other than Turkey, even if they have given their biometric data with their previous application, they must provide  their biometric data  in conjunction with their present application .

The processing time of visa procedures for citizens of some countries outside of Turkey, under normal circumstances, may take 15 working days. For this reason, it is recommended that visa application should be made as early as possible considering the densities.

Residence permit for non-Turkish citizens: The residence permit in Turkey must be valid for at least three months from the date of planned departure from the territory of the Member States.

You can see the countries that Greece applies visa at the following website:

You must make your application from the country in which you reside.

The reason for rejection is stated on the rejection slip given to you when you receive your passport. The visa fee is paid for the application evaluation process. It is stated in the information text and terms and conditions text of the completed application form that there is no refund.

If the applicant wishes to re-apply following their refusal, he/she must address the refusal reasons along with the documentation.    

There is no refund when cargo is canceled.

If your application is rejected, you will receive a rejection form along with your passport. Appeal Applications are made to the Greek authorities, and the steps you can follow are specified in the Rejection Form or in the 'Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Personal Data Disclosure Text' published on this site.

Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the end of your trip.

The validity period of the documents received should not exceed 5 business days as of the appointment date.

You can access your barcode number from the section written in the upper left corner of the application form or from the appointment confirmation document sent to your e-mail after making an appointment.

You can track your application with your ID number and barcode number in the "Track Application " section on our website.

People who earn a living or have dependents can sponsor their breadwinners.

Applications you have made are only assessed by the  Consulate General of Greece in  Istanbul, Izmir or Greek Embassy in Ankara. Kosmos Visa Services employees do not have any positive or negative impact on the visa.  If any member of staff employed by Kosmos claims to be able to influence your application, please inform the Kosmos Visa Application Centre as soon as possible. 

Turkish citizens need a visa to visit Greece. Passport holders of diplomatic, service (green) or service (gray) do not need to obtain a visa for 90 days of stay in the Schengen area. Citizens of Other Countries can check whether they are subject to a visa at


Accommodation can be made according to the duration of stay specified in the visa issued. (See -Frequently asked questions- Points you need to check following receipt of your passport)

The Schengen Visa entitles you to travel up to 90 days in the Schengen area. According to the regulation that specifies the authorizations related to visa applications, you need to obtain your visa from the country representative where you will travel or spend a significant part of your trip. If you plan to travel to different Schengen countries, you should contact the representative of the country where you will have the longest stay to obtain a visa.

Having a visa is only one of the requirements for entering the European area of ​​the Member States. Even if you have been granted a visa, this does not mean that you will be entitled to compensation if you do not comply with the provisions of Article 6/1 of EU Regulation 2016/399 (Schengen Borders Law) and are not allowed to enter. Fulfillment of entry conditions will be checked again upon entry into the European territory of the Member States.


If your current visa covers your travel, you cannot apply for a visa. However, if the travel dates you have specified do not cover your current visa, you can apply.

According to Schengen rules, you must first enter to Greece with the visa you received from Greece and the maximum stay must be in Greece.

A visa is required to travel to North Macedonia by road via Greece, but you do not need a visa if you travel directly by plane.

Under the normal circumstances visa processing time is 15 days.

If Your main accommodation (Schengen country where you will spend the longest time) will be in Greece;or  if your  staying in the Schengen countries  are the same, but  Greecewill be your the first entry  in the Schengen area.

The European Union (EU) foresees the facilitation of short-term (up to 90 days) visa applications for citizens of the EU member states or family members of the Greek citizens travelling with them to the EU countries. This applies for dependents of family members

Spouses, children under 21 years of age (or their spouse children), or dependent children over 21 years of age (or spouse children), or dependent parents or or parents in-law.

For detailed information please select Visa category EU / Greek citizen spouse and / or children



The visa issued is with the intention of entering the Greek Schengen area. It shows that you have the right to enter the Schengen area twice during the visa period, provided that the main destination is Greece.

It shows that you have the right to enter the Schengen area once within the given visa period. A single-entry visa can only be used to enter Greece.

Greece is a member of the European Union and is part of the Schengen agreement. These two memberships define the visa requirements of foreign citizens seeking to visit Greece.

Schengen visa is required when you want to visit one or more countries in the Schengen area. (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary).

The visa fee determined by the Greek Consulate is 80 Euros and the Kosmos Service Fee is 30 Euros in Turkish Liras at the daily rate, and payment is accepted in cash when you apply for your visa. (See Visa Fees)

This service only covers the Istanbul region. The process of D-Type Visa Applications is determined by the Consulate General of Istanbul in contact with the applicant and is accepted only by the Istanbul Kosmos Visa Gayrettepe branch.


Applications without an appointment are not accepted unless there is an emergency. Therefore, you can make an appointment for the appropriate day and time from the Appointment Department.

Whichever jurisdiction your residence and business documents cover, you can only apply from our branches belonging to that jurisdiction. (Pls see. Jurisdictions)

For minor child applications, parents must visit our office during the application. If either parent is unable to come to our office, it is mandatory for the other parent to give a notarized consent.

Important Note: In Edirne and authorized branches, both parents must be present at our relevant office during the application and a notarized consent document must be submitted.

Important Note: In the Izmir/Ankara region and authorized branches, a letter of consent is requested from the non-traveling parent, even if the parent is personally present at the office during the application.

No, our mobile service is only valid for Istanbul.

It varies depending on density. By checking our website at frequent intervals, you can make an appointment for the nearest date.