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Since 2012, Kosmos Visa Services, the sole authorized agency for Greece Schengen Visa applications, has become a service provider in 16 locations across Turkey, achieving significant growth up to the present day.

History, Culture and Art
  • The city of Athens, with its archaeological sites recognized as UNESCO World Heritage, spread across the country like an open-air museum, is truly iconic. The city, built on a hill and named after Athena, is adorned with the Parthenon Temple dedicated to her, visible from many parts of the city. The city, with a film set-like ambiance where the concept of time becomes blurred, is also famous for its modern art galleries. Exploring art galleries where traditional sculpture and pottery art are blended with contemporary artistic perspectives will provide a unique pleasure.
  • Greece is the country where the first Olympic Games took place, and the ancient city of Olympia, where the games were held from 776 BC to 393 BC, is also protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Athens also hosts the National Archaeological Museum, the largest museum of Ancient Greek Art in the world. The museum, showcasing artifacts from the prehistoric period to the late ancient era, is definitely a must-visit. The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is another noteworthy event, where significant international artists are hosted in ancient theaters, eagerly anticipated every year since 1955. Traditional festivals (Panigiria) will offer you an unforgettable visual feast of Greek folklore and art, featuring colorful costumes, jewelry, and lively dances.
  • For exhibitions, festivals, and events throughout the year;

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