Additional Services

As Kosmos, we have additional services to help you complete your work faster during the visa application process.

With VIP Service, you can complete your visa procedures from a single point in a special office prepared for you.

Additional services offered to VIP applicants:

  • Cargo Service; (Paid)
  • Photocopy Services; (Free up to 30 pages) For data security reasons, USB memory etc. It is not possible to print documents from devices.
  • SMS ile bilgi; (Free)

To benefit from the VIP service, you can make a VIP appointment on our website.


Applicants who want to benefit from the VIP service must pay the Visa Fee + VIP Service fee.


We would like to kindly inform you that choosing our VIP service will not affect the transaction process and decision of the Consulates.


You can obtain this service from our Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara offices.


For fee information, please visit our Fees page.